Sponsor A Horse

We have several horses that are just not quite ready to go to their forever homes. These horses require special care for a little while longer, so that they are back to 100%. However, with the wide range of issues this can be very expensive. We want to make sure that every horse is happy and healthy before going to their ne homes. This is why we are offering the sponsor program.

Each month we will feature a horse that needs a sponsor. We will give the full history of the horse and what it needs to get back on it’s feet. You can help through monetary or any other donation based on the need of the horse. (i.e. food, medicine, etc.)

We wll keep you updated on the horses from previous months, and encourage you to come out and see in person how your donations have helped!

Runnin Wild

Tracy Demoe
Runnin Wild Equine Rescue is a non-profit ranch dedicated to rescuing unwanted horses, and adopting them to good, approved homes.

(615) 578-0318

2688 Lights Chapel Road Greenbrier, TN 37073


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