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In many early cultures, from the Celts, to the Greeks, to the Native Americans, and so many more, there has been one creature that has stood out among the rest. This magnificent and majestic creature symbolizes power, grace, nobility, strength, love, endurance, devotion, and stability. This creature is the horse.


For as long as I can remember, horses have been a part of my life. They have been there both in good times, and in helping me through the hard
ones. For thirty years I have devoted my life to these animals. I have done everything from nursing the injured, unwanted ones, to showing and training the rehabilitated ones. This is my life’s passion. It is not always easy, but it is always rewarding.


My new goal is to focus on my passion for rescuing and rehabilitating horses. My efforts will be focused on unwanted, neglected, abused, or injured horses that seem to others to have no hope at all. To reach this goal, I have put together a non-profit foundation, with the help of many volunteers.


The business aspect of the foundation is not as easy as just going out and caring for the animals. My many years of management, as well as owning my own businesses, makes this aspect easier.


My foundation helps horses in need, but it also assists people who are less fortunate than we are. These individuals may be disabled, whether
physically or mentally, terminally ill, had a rough start to life and just need that second chance, or are victims of our current economy. They may have the will and dream to own a horse, but have no way to realize those dreams.


Every night that I lay my head down on my pillow, and I think back over the course of my day, I can rest in peace. Every day I go to sleep knowing
that I have helped that horse with no future, that child who just needed a kind and encouraging word to steer them onto the right path in life or remembering the tears of joy from the parent of a sick or disabled child who, for one moment, gets to see their child as “normal”.


This is the story of my life. I live it every day with the same hopes, dreams, and aspirations, and will do so until a power greater than I may take me away from it.


Tracy DeMoe, Founder and President of Runnin’ Wild Equine Rescue

Runnin Wild

Tracy Demoe
Runnin Wild Equine Rescue is a non-profit ranch dedicated to rescuing unwanted horses, and adopting them to good, approved homes.

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