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I. Who is Runnin’ Wild Rescue Foundation?

Runnin’ Wild Equine Rescue Foundation is committed to saving and rehabilitating horses that are in need in ours and the surrounding areas. These horses may come from situations of neglect, abuse, injury, or cases of being unwanted.

II. Why it is vital that we obtain sponsorship.

Caring for our horses is no easy task. It takes a crew of several staff and volunteers to keep our operation going twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three hundred and sixty five days a year. We are always on call whether it be a need on our own farm or for people in need. This becomes very costly. As we are a non- profit organization, all of our financial support comes from our sponsors
and volunteers.

III. What charities we support.

We as an organization want to not only help the animals, but to give back to our community and those in needs. It is important in this day and age that we take time to educate and be a part of our children’s lives. Therefore, we educate local 4-H, FFA, Boys and Girl Scouts, and the troubled youth who need a positive figure in their lives. We also use our rehabilitated horses to help children with disabilities in their own rehabilitation journeys. Then, we have the charities that are near and dear to us because of our own life journeys.
One of our staff members was a patient at St. Jude as a child; therefore, we host the St. Jude trail ride and other fundraisers for them throughout the year. We also have all had family members who have had cancer as adults, and support Relay for Life. We also hope to get many other people and groups partnered with our organization in the future so that we may all work together and benefit one another. We will also like to start giving to MADD in the near future.

IV. Our goal for the future.

In the future, we hope to raise awareness about how to properly care for horses. We hope to bring our community together in an effort to reduce crime. We want to get families involved with each other again by offering a safe and welcoming environment for them to spend quality time together. We want to make dreams come true for those who are less fortunate.

V. How you can help.

We are grateful for any and all support that is given to us. None of us are becoming rich monetarily through this by any means. We do this for that look on a child’s face of accomplishment after they have worked hard and earned due credit. For the single tear that streams down a parents cheek when they see their disabled or wheelchair bound child getting to be a “normal” child for that moment. And for that horse that we pick up and is barely able to stand romping and kicking in the fields as a result of our efforts made possible through you and those like you. We are asking for monthly pledges, one time gifts, or sponsorship of one of our horses. You may also contact us about adoption.

VI. The benefits of your sponsorship

By you partnering with us today through your sponsorship, we also want to thank you by doing a few things for you. We would like to post a link to your website from ours, place banners at all of our events and our t-shirts with your logo on it. We hope to use and grow your business along with our cause through positive word of mouth.

Runnin Wild

Tracy Demoe
Runnin Wild Equine Rescue is a non-profit ranch dedicated to rescuing unwanted horses, and adopting them to good, approved homes.

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