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Our Mission Statement:

We as a foundation dedicate ourselves to rescuing and rehabilitating horses. We are striving to provide every horse the opportunity to lead a new, healthy, and full life. We are also dedicated to providing educational opportunities, so that no horse ever has to endure preventable hardships in their future.

We work with our horses to help place them

Runnin Wild Equine Rescue Foundation is committed to saving and rehabilitating horses that are in need in ours and the surrounding areas. These horses may come from situations of neglect, abuse, injury, or cases of being unwanted.

How To Train A Horse Award

How To Train A Horse Award

“With a loving heart and caring hands, we bring these majestic creatures out of the storm and into the calm.”

~Tracy DeMoe, Founder and President of RUNNIN’ WILD EQUINE RESCUE

We have an urgent need for donations due to nine new rescues – four of which are underweight.


Our most urgent needs include:mare needing surgery to breathe correctly

  • Tinker Bug G, who is a reg. apha mare.  She needs surgery and is having trouble breathing.  She will have to go to the UT Vet School in Knoxville for her surgery. Hopefully afterwards she will start regain some weight.
  • Another mare has cancer on her udder and needs surgery.
  • Misunderstood has had surgery on his back leg.  It is still healing and thousands of dollars have been spent on his recovery. He still has a long way to go.

Other special needs: One horse has arthritis in her knees which requires special care.  We have several horses that need senior feed.  And one mare has to have a special shoe on her front foot to help her walk and ease the pain.


As always assistance in any of the following areas is appreciated:

*Monetary donations always appreciated.


Join us on May 4th, 2013 for our Benefit Concert!

04-16-2012Maps of Fate - donating $1 to Running Wild Equine Rescue
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Runnin Wild

Tracy Demoe
Runnin Wild Equine Rescue is a non-profit ranch dedicated to rescuing unwanted horses, and adopting them to good, approved homes.

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